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This is good news for fans of chocolate. Therefore, you should not hesitate to enjoy the delights of chocolate every day. A finding of the journal Heart, involving 25,000 volunteers, showed that eating 3.5 ounces per day of high-quality chocolate can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. "Chocolate also contains can help reduce stress levels, improve mood, so make your life be happier," said Phyo Myint, a professor from the School of Medicine at the University of Aberdeen. Here are the steps to get rich chocolate benefits.

LITTLE BITTER, BETTER. In the research it was said, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to have specific rules on the use of the term 'dark chocolate', so that each manufacturer used the term free on chocolate packaging. "From a health perspective, the advantages of dark chocolate instead of white chocolate flavanols and polyphenol content is -Antioxidant to fight free radicals, which are higher," said Phyo. In fact, gram for gram dark chocolate has been shown to contain antioxidants that are larger than blueberries.
So as to distinguish the original dark chocolate or not, you need to see a list of cocoa percentage on the label. Remember! You need at least 70 percent pure cocoa content to be able to reap the health benefits.

COCOA BUTTER IS NOT FAT TRANS. Good fats in chocolate 'good' comes from cocoa butter, which is a source of stearic acid for a healthy heart. "In the US, manufacturers can not sell chocolate, unless it contains cocoa butter as an ingredient, but incorporates cocoa butter with the cost of oil or emulsifier is still allowed," said Phyo.
Well, so do not get caught 'fake tan', preferably, observe whether there contains partially hydrogenated, which means trans fat. Trans fats have been linked directly to heart disease.

AVOID THIS NAME WITH ADDITION. Is your chocolate reads 'dutched' or 'alkalized'? We recommend that you do not often consumed. "Both of these terms refer to chocolate processed substantially reduce heart-healthy compounds," said Phyo. According to him, both terms indicate that the flavanol content in natural tan nine times larger than the type of processed chocolate.

SELECT SMALL WRAP. People with a history of heart attack, then eat one or two servings of high-quality chocolate per week, showed a decrease in the risk of hospitalization for heart failure by 32 percent than those who ate a low-quality sweet chocolate, according to a study. Even so, according to Phyo, chocolate still contains a number of excess calories when eaten, will also become a boomerang for health. The best advice, eat a good quality chocolate wrapped in small.

MIXED WITH FRESH BERRY. "Combining chocolate with fruits rich in fiber can improve health benefits when processed and absorbed by the intestine," said Phyo. Therefore, there will be a magical process that will 'absorb' the healthy benefits of chocolate, not the case in your hands, or your mouth; it happens in your intestines. Good to know: nothing beats a healthy fresh fruit, but cranberries and nuts, especially cashews and pistachios, can provide a boost of prebiotics.

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