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stronger and longer with an effective exercise program
Do not cross the line. "Imagine a line in the middle between your legs when running - each foot should land on both sides of it," said Jai Saxelby, a podiatrist (podiatrist). How? Find the lines on the track and ran as far 8x100m, keep your foot landed squarely on both sides. "This feels like skating at an accelerating pace," explained Saxelby.
Use your upper body. "Running an upright position with the body slightly leaning slightly forward ensuring efficient acceleration and reduces stress on the body," explains Dr. Marianne Gittoes of the Cardiff School of Sport. How? Train your balance by standing on the ball at your feet and use your abs to control your posture for 60 seconds. This exercise will give you greater control over the position of the body as you run.
Swinging and you win. "Your arms should be symmetrical," advises Saxelby. "Creating a parallel swing arm that will help pave the way for your feet." How? As you run, stick two labels or stickers each of which was taped over your rib cage area. Warm up with a 50m sprint, pull your shoulders back and swing your upper arm so that they touch the label -gerakan this will provide momentum.
Moving forward. Lead with your hips. "This keeps your center of gravity is rolling forward," explained Ceri Diss, biomechanics specialists from Roehampton University. How? Tie the tire (or a gym bag with a full charge) on your back and using motion against the weight of the load, do 6x60m sprints. "Make a full-leg extension - you'll move faster, more easily," advises Diss.
Increase the power of your thigh. When your leg swing, the power of energy everywhere and can weigh three times as much weight. "Strengthening your thighs could balance guncangannya," said Gittoes. How? Do squats to build strength. Bend your knees and hips, lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then back in. Do 3x10 reps.
Forward and fly. Get over the movement of your push-off, when the foot moves where you swing your feet flat on the ground at the point where the hip, knee, and ankle fully elongated. Fix this technique so that you will be faster when the 'fly'. How? Perform as many repetitions 6x50m, jump as high as you can with alternating feet. "Make sure your legs are fully elongated," said Diss. These shuttles driving force in every step.

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