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Shoulder is the most extensive part of the body the motion, as well as the most fragile and vulnerable to injury. "Most of the problems in the shoulder involve soft tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons," said dr. Bernard Lee, a doctor from Singapore Pain Care Center. "In this case, the bone is rarely involved." Most of these problems can be grouped into three categories:

Tendinitis / bursitis. "Tendon analogy as a rope that connects muscle to bone or other tissues," said Bernard. Most cases occur due to the tendinitis that lasted many years. It is the same as shoe soles were damaged due to frequent use.
Tendinitis can be grouped into two:
Acute tendinitis caused by excessive activity undertaken, -like the habit of carrying a heavy load on his shoulders. Lifting excessive load during exercise could also be a factor.
Chronic tendinitis caused by the aging process that leads to degenerative changes in the tendon or acute cerera.
Bernard explained, sometimes excessive use of the shoulder bursa causes swelling, known as bursitis condition. "The market itself is a fluid-filled pockets located around the joints. Its function is to reduce friction caused by the movement of the shoulders, "said Bernard.

Injury. Sometimes the bones in the shoulder joint to move beyond normal movement, either because the activity or unintentionally. "This leads to dislocation of the shoulder joint," said Bernard. Shoulder dislocations can be partial, or called subluxation. "Subluxation is a condition in which there is a part of the humerus out of the hole," said Bernard. While the total dislocation is a state in which the upper arm bone completely out of the hole. This condition causes pain when lifting a hand or move his hands away from the body.
Some of the factors that can aggravate the injury:
Repeated pressure. Shoulder movements are repeated continuously causing stress on the muscles and tendons. Some sports, such as baseball, tennis, rowing and weightlifting can cause a risk of injury.
Lack of blood supply. As we get older, the blood supply to the tendon is reduced. Without adequate blood supply, the body can not repair a damaged tendon.
Arthritis. "Shoulder pain can also be caused by arthritis in the joints," says Bernard. Types of arthritis and the most common is osteoarthritis. This causes inflammation, pembengkanan, pain and stiffness in the joints. There are some other cause-though rarely. Such as tumors, infections and nerve problems. Other pain can be felt as shoulder pain is a heart attack, liver diseases such as gall bladder infection or stones in the gall bladder, and lung disease.

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